Course GPS Map

More than 30 thousand courses around the world have been restored and processed to image by Voogolf, so you could track the real-time position of golfer on the fairway GPS Map and record these on-course information of customers.


Course Operation Situation Monitort

You will find you know your own course better with VOOGOLF-Customer flow monitor based on different time range, course occupation rate analyst, history data comparation, average time calculation on each fairway—all these could give you a clear plan to arrange your personnel, adjust course advertisement strategy.


Dynamic Course Information Update


Fairway GPS Map

A personalized App could be downloaded by your customers, then they can:


Player Data Disposal

You can collect and disposal the scores & technology data of all the members and generate a leaderboard. Your members can also disposal their own data by the App.


Convenient Service Experience

When there are too many people distributed in a same fairway, one may wait a long time till his turn. Most customers will chose to call your help when they encounter such situation or others like food ordering or getting injured. However, although you know players would extremely dissatisfied if you can’t reach them in time, you still troubled in locating them in a course vast like that. Now VOOGOLF will resolve it for you—locating any service need and inform you in no time so you can find the customer and provide him service in shortest time!


Real-time Data Broadcast

You can project the dynamic course image onto the club screen so both the club and customers can get the on-course situation anytime. By this way, you will provide a more digitized and fresh experience to your customers.